LEED Award in Gold: InterContinental Berlin honoured for environmental friendliness

Berlin, 8th May 2023 – The majority of buildings are enormous climate sinners, as they represent a high consumption of energy and resources and are responsible for a large proportion of greenhouse gas emissions. The extensive modernisation of the Hotel InterContinental Berlin focused on increasing the building’s sustainability and supporting climate-friendly hotel operations. In return, the luxury hotel has now received the LEED Award in Gold and thus a globally recognised certificate for excellence in ecological building. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

Thanks to high sustainability standards and many details that were considered during the renovation work that has just been completed, the building now also complies with the environmentally friendly guidelines of the Hotel InterContinental Berlin. This will help to reduce electricity and water consumption and cut CO2 emissions. As a result, the hotel’s green concept continues to be consistently implemented. For several years now, the employees have been paying attention to reducing waste in all areas, saving energy, and expanding the positive corporate culture.

“We are very happy to receive this award,” says General Manager Sebastian Germershausen, “it enables us to meet our high standards of sustainability and environmental protection even better and at the same time make them visible to our guests.”

Since 1998, the LEED certificate has been awarded and has since inspired the building industry to develop new technologies and to focus on ecological sustainability. The evaluation system of the LEED Award is transparent due to its clear allocation of points and is continuously adapted to modern developments. The Hotel InterContinental Berlin succeeded in convincing in all nine categories of the LEED Awards – from the integrative design concept to the use of materials to the high quality of accommodation in the rooms. Sebastian Germershausen emphasises: „This award is a milestone on the path to a green future and it motivates us to continuously find new solutions.“